Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nostradamus I'm Not

It occurs to me that the blogosphere is a great spot to make predictions. I've made some good ones in the past (gas prices are going down as a result of the current U.S. administration's collusion with oil manufacturers to make things look better during election season and will go back up as soon as the election is over) and not so good ones (in 1990 "Mark McGwire will one day be the all time home run king." Barry who?). In any case, it's time to get another one out there, for all to see.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is your 44th President of the United States.

Not such a bold prediction, you say? Well, while some agree that she is the Democratic front runner, you will find just as many if not more people who will tell you she is unelectable. Why? Three reasons: She is a woman. She is a Clinton. And she is a liberal.

To take these points one by one:

She is a woman. There are more women in this country than men, and they are allowed to vote. Some will argue that many women, especially conservative women, hate Hillary. Maybe. But maybe what they say when their authoritarian Republican husbands are around, and what they do behind the protective sheath of the voting booth are two different things entirely.

She is a Clinton. This is actually a huge asset. People quickly forget what a political juggernaut Bill Clinton is. The Clintons have been hanging back and saving their good ammo for the big fight, battling with their off hand up until now. The Clintons are smart, politically savvy, and can be quite charming (yes, Hillary too). When they get back on the big stage, they're going to make big trouble for any opposition.

She is a Liberal. Thanks to the current administration, terms like Conservative and Liberal have lost all their meaning. Certainly George W. Bush, who favors big businesses over small ones and government intervention in people's private affairs, is no conservative, and while wanting affordable health care for all citizens may be seen as the first step towards a Communist state by some, I'm betting a lot of others (sick, old, poor people for starters) think it's a pretty good idea.

There's a lot of talk about Barack Hussein Obama as a potential 2008 President. I think Obama's campaign does have a lot of potential: For 2016. An African American (not to mention one whose name bears uncomfortable similarities to our Mid East foes, just silly semantics of course, but don't imagine that matters to FOX News) with as little experience as Obama has in the big political arena just isn't ready for the Oval Office, no matter how eloquent he is.

In 2008, it's Hillary. You heard it here first.

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Bella A. said...

OK Craig, here's reason #4 that she's unelectable-- she's made incredibly stupid, spineless policy decisions and taken idiotic pro-war, corporate a**-kissing stands that have infuriated the Democratic rank and file. This Hillary as women as Clinton as liberal theme is about the most tired, outdated, idiotic meme mentioned on both sides and frankly, it has very little bearing on the debate.

Yes, there is enmity toward Hillary Clinton from conservative women (and it has nothing to do with their Republican husbands, they utter anonymous comments and make anonymous votes where they show the same thing), but it's the enmity from young, liberal and unmarried women that's surprised me most.

I've been working for and voting for Democrats since the 1980 election, and in all these years, I've never seen a Democratic candidate incite such anger among grass-roots Democrats as Hillary has.

Look, whether you like it or not, Hillary was fundamental in the rush to war in Iraq. For the advance to war to go so quickly after the Iraq War Resolution was suggested, support from both sides of the aisle was needed particularly from well-recognized Dems, and Hillary Clinton was the most well-recognized among them. Not only this, she has persisted in being an Iraq war supporter in the years hence, and she's been sending threatening words in the direction of Tehran and Damascus. We may soon be at war with Iran, and Hillary would have a lot to do with that.

Hillary's domestic policy has also been awful. She's a reliable pal of big money and big corporations and an opponent of workers and unions who need help now more than ever before. Middle class people are being pushed to work horrid hours these days even worse than before, vulnerable to disruptions and financial disaster (thanks in part to Hillary's support of bills making it harder for destitute Americans to apply for financial help in those situations), and seeing their jobs sent abroad, something Hillary also supports for her big business friends.

Hillary is singlehandedly driving the rise of numerous 3rd parties for 2008 which actually have some teeth. She's a walking calamity for the Democrats. I'd put my money on Obama or Edwards for the Democrats, maybe Giuliani or Romney for the Republicans. But if the Dems are dumb enough to nominate Hillary, they'll face a catastrophe when 2008 rolls around. Even the Democratic grass-roots are enraged against her, so she'd not only unify the Republicans but also push away the party's own base.