Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Prediction Time

OK, time for another one of my fail-proof predictions: Your Democratic Vice Presidential nominee is this guy. He kind of seems like John Edwards 2.0, doesn't he? Anyway, you heard it here first.

In other news, my significant other Elizabeth and I are in the final 25 out of 900 entrants in the FOX New York Television Festival Comedy Script Contest. Stay tuned to this space as details develop!

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James said...

As a Hoosier, let me say the following: Evan Bayh was my governor and my Senator, and he's not great. He's not going to provide an effective case for a progressive platform. The best he'll do is drag the ticket to the right without saying anything offensive.

He would probably win Indiana for Obama, but that might happen anyway. I'd prefer Biden or Dodd--they're smart and aggressive.

Good luck in the contest