Friday, October 25, 2013

Top Ten Rejected Choose Your Own Adventure Titles

Choose Your Own Adventure books were a popular series of books in the 80s and 90s as one of the first mass media examples of interactive role-playing games, long before RPG games like Skyrim and World of Warcraft were even an inkling of a possibility. The simple concept placed you in the role of an adventurer in different scenarios, and your choices would dictate the story, by telling you to turn to a certain page to continue the adventure depending upon the choices you wanted to make. Gamebooks like these were great at stoking a child's imagination at the time, and there is even talk of a CYOA movie in the works today.

What's little known, however, is that there were several ideas that were considered for Choose Your Own Adventure, and then dismissed for various reasons. Here then, are the Top Ten Rejected Choose Your Own Adventure Titles:

10. Journey Under Grandma's Quilt

9. Trapped on the Couch!

8. The Island of Elvis Impersonators

7. Audit!

6. Bathroom City

5. You Are a Cannibal

4. Adventures in Slave Trading

3. The Mystery of the Irregularly Shaped Mole

2. You Are a War Criminal

And the Number One Rejected Choose Your Own Aventure Tile is........

1. Your Code Name Is Hitler

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