Saturday, July 05, 2008

Shuffle Up and Deal!

The 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event is underway, and the tenure of "Ambassador of Poker" Jerry Yang, who as far as I can tell did not do a thing for or with poker during his reign, is almost over. A friend and I have a gentleman's wager, a "last longer" bet for which name player will go deepest in the tournament.

My Team:

Men Nguyen
Phil Hellmuth
Chris Ferguson
Phil Ivey
Mike Matusow

His Team:

Greg Raymer
Johnny Chan
Allen Cunningham
Daniel Negreanu
Gus Hansen

I've taken an early lead as Raymer and Negreanu both made swift exits, but anything can happen. That's poker!


Rick said...

Your team is going down! I'm a little worried about Negreanu and Raymer being down already, but my key ingredient and x-factor is Gus Hansen. You can't explain why he wins; he just does. There's no defense against that.
It's funny how parallel our teams are. Our first picks are both kinda weird and random. Our 2nd picks are 10-bracelet-winners. Our 3rd picks are math wizard types. Our 4th picks and 5th picks are over-hyped and probably over-rated superstars. The only real difference is the great Dane's luck factor....

Craig Berger said...

I do think we've picked some sort of "natural poker enemies" in Negreanu vs. Matusow and Hellmuth vs. Chan. Who's the opposite number of Hansen? Perhaps David Sklansky? A thoughtful, tight methodical player who somehow never really seems to win?