Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tales of Great Quarterbacks

OK, now that we've gotten our buddy Zac Sunderland out of the way, let's get back to Brett Favre. There is a camp of people that feels sorry for Favre. They say all he wants to do is play football and the Packers are preventing him from doing that. They say, just release him from his contract, or let him come back with the promise that they will trade him to another team. It's just not fair to Brett!

Listen, Brett Favre seems like a nice guy. But he wasn't too worried about what was fair in 2001 when he signed a $100 MILLION DOLLAR LIFETIME CONTRACT. That is not a misprint. Favre agreed to play out his career in Green Bay, and the Packers agreed to pay him more money than you or I or 90% of those Packer fans that feel so bad for him will probably ever see in a lifetime. Brett, you had a charmed career and are rich beyond belief. Either go out on top or go hold a clipboard for Aaron Rodgers but don't make the Packers the bad guy here. I am generally a labor guy and I am telling you the Brett boosters are wrong on this one.

Just for fun, take this little quiz. Which of the following were actually said by Brett Favre?

A) "I don't want to move. I enjoy the fans. I just want to stay. I couldn't envision myself playing for another team."

B) "If (playing for another team) would ever come up, I'd probably just retire. I've made enough money that I don't need to jump ship and go somewhere else."

C) "I know it shouldn’t feel unsuccessful, but the only way to come back and make that be the right decision would be to come back and win a Super Bowl. And honestly, the odds of that, they’re tough. Those are big shoes for me to fill, and I guess it was a challenge I wasn’t up for."

D) All of the Above

If you said D, you deserve $100 million dollars!

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