Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tales of Great Teenagers

It seems that some people may take offense to my suggestion that the Zac Sunderland story is overblown, that in fact this is a young man who is really doing something great with his life and should be admired. Here is a link to the story of Ateqeh Rajabi. Like Zac, she was 16. Like Zac, she stood up for what she believed in, in his case, sailing the ocean blue, in her case, protesting the "misogyny and injustice" of Islamic Fundamentalism. Zac got a shiny sailboat and a nice puff piece on CNN.

Ateqeh was hanged to death in the city square and then had her grave defiled. There was a report on it in the Iranian Press Service. As far as I know Wolf Blitzer had no comment.

Sail on, Zac! TEEN POWER!

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Anonymous said...

see, this is exactly why those "feel good" stories should not actually make anyone feel good. there are more important things happening all over the world that no one pays attention to. stick to bbc