Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sometimes I Just Hate People....

Brett Favre, who"retired" last year, is asking for his release from the Green Bay Packers so he can go try to hook up with another team. The Packers have refused. And I say: Good for them! I'm so sick of these fake retirements by athletes that it makes me want to puke. They have their tearful press conference, they accept commemoration and adulation from their adoring fans, while all the while they're planning their next move. The repugnant Roger Clemens tried this routine a couple of times and it's just sickening. Retirement should not be a backdoor way to get out of your contract and try to get a better deal. Either retire, or stick it out, but don't fake it, screw with the emotions of your fans, and completely ruin their image of you and your team loyalty by jumping to a new ship at the first good opportunity. Stick to your guns, Packers! Favre was a great player, but he made his choice and now he needs to either hold Aaron Rodgers clip board or go back to mowing the lawn and playing catch with the dog.

Someone else I hate is Zac Sunderland. This little 16 year old punk is getting all sort of publicity because he's going to try to sail around the world. Big F-ing Deal. He's got a state of the art sailboat with full Internet and phone access and he can stop whenever and for as long as he wants. He's not doing it to raise awareness for any cause except himself. As far as I know this will not prove anything except that his parents have way too much money and he has way too much time. Go do an internship somewhere! Get a paper route! I'm hard pressed to see why we should be impressed if he succeeds. As far as I know, no one is going to try to stop him. That actually might make it interesting, if there were people out there whose goal was to thwart Sunderland in his mission by any means necessary (short of severe physical injury or death of course). Unfortunately I cannot afford to pay for such an assignment but if anyone wants to give it a shot, his route can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it would be far better if he was sitting home playing video games and getting a job at In and Out (which takes a fourth grade education) than challanging himself to attempt to do something great with his life.
He bought the boat with his own money and has sought sponsorship to do the right thing and pay his dad back for all the expenses incurred refitting the boat. His fancy gear was mostly gained from partial sponsorships and he does not have full internet access.
As far as you encouraging people to thwart his attempt - I think you are a totally sick person with absolutely no character whatsoever!
I hope you have the guts to post this! Then we will know that perhaps there is hope for you.

Craig Berger said...

Someone's got to work at In and Out. Not everyone can afford to grow up with sailing lessons and traveling the world. He may yet end up taking a job at In and Out since he is abandoning his last year of high school for his little voyage. Frankly, I hope he does. The people who work at In and Out contribute a lot more to society than the ones who sail around the world. By the way, the boat he bought with his own money was discounted something like 99 percent because of his dad's connections, but that's not the point. The point is that there are people, and probably young people, doing much greater things for society that deserve media attention a lot more than Zac Sunderland.